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jabberwokky's Journal

Evan, well known as JabberWokky (I get postal mail addressed to JabberWokky). I can be identified thusly: A rather large fellow of Scot-Irish ancestry. Long red-brown hair (only visibly red in good sunlight), a full, usually well trimmed beard with a Zappa. I always wear black jeans and either black shirts or colored dress shirts. Often you can see a bronze Hand of Eris pendant around my neck. In winter (and sometimes in summer), I wear a large black trench coat. My laptop, betty, is a Toshiba with a blue cover. I'm friendly, meaning I only bite if you're cute and ask nicely. One easy identifier is my black hat, technically an outback hat, which is somewhat like a large fedora. It sometimes has my band of pin-backs on it, and occasionally sports two blue horns.

Ah, Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire!
Would not we shatter it to bits -- and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!
-- Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám, (trans: Edward Fitzgerald)

A note about the name: Yes, people call me Jabber, Wokky and JabberWokky in real life (including my SO, who tends to use the more popular "Wokky"). Yes, it started life as a reference before the web existed, and it started out intentionally misspelled. I camelCap it for ease of use. I get magazines sent to "Wokky, Jabber", and have gotten credit card offers to Mr. Jabber Wokky. Yes, people call me Evan as well.

I hang out at Java California, Pork Bagel (aka Posh Bagel), Roma-E and various events around town and on campus. I'm usually the emcee at Campus Cinema events and the director of Further Indignities, the local Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast. Before I moved to Davis (a pretty recent event), I played guitar at a variety of venues, but have yet to really play here.

Minor interesting facts:

* Likes finding aesthetically pleasing number sequences.
* Used to host a science fiction radio show, is thinking about starting again.
* Drinks iced coffee, having discovered that it is far more likely to be decent than tea.
* Favorite molecule: Polyethylene terephthalate (recyclable with variable intrinsic viscosity)
* Favorite fundamental force: Gravity (so weak and so essential)
* Favorite small work medium: Acrylic and Plaster of Paris or Acrylic on wood glue.
* Favorite large work medium: 2x2 and hardboard.
* Has been looking for a good barbecue place ever since he moved to California.
   * Has discovered waiters give him a blank look when asked "what kind of barbecue is it?"
     * His favorite is Carolina style, but a good Georgian, South Carolina or St. Louis is good too. Texas BBQ is different.
* Has lots of interesting sites, a few servers, and two meese in a very very large mouse cage.
* Probably scored lower on the purity test than you.
* Carries a journal on him at all times.
* Knows that when somebody asks you if you are a god, you say "yes".
* Last Macintosh was a II LC. Last used Windows in 1998.
* Is likely not the political faction you think he is.
* Filks, but not in public.
* Knows about that Society thing with the people in armor who go camping, but again, not locally ("Vivat Trimaris!")
* Is in Trekkies II, but is much more happy about the pretty good scene with ["SarahHillard" his SO] in an Orion Slave costume that he made (and she so excellently filled out).
* Enjoys building stage props and furniture.
* Can be considered goth for values of goth that include Edward Gorey, Poppy Z., Souxie and gargoyles.
* Can also be considered goth for values of goth that include Ostro and Visi. "Ask me about my sack!"
* Is not generally considered goth.
* Owns:
   * Full size MAME cabinet capable of taking four JAMMA boards.
   * More books and movies than you can shake a stick at - or fit in a 10' truck.
   * Original RHPS shooting script, as used on set.
   * Everything White Wolf put out for the World of Darkness up until 3rd edition started coming out.
   * SubGenius devival gear.
* Knows many many languages of a code type, and has written a mail editor in Intercal, and won obsfucated C contests. Prefers PHP as an interpreted language and likes Python. Feels very much at home in C (and is suspicious of those Bjarne blasted concoctions that came after).
* Likes Guinness and Tullamore Dew.
* Has written a few homebrew RPG systems, and likes Marvel, Storyteller, Palladium and many many more. Ranks AD&D in descending order as they have come out (First is 1st, etc). Was ST for a large, full WoD game.
* Can make babies cry when he merely opens his violin case.
* Enjoys learning to home build homes. Frame houses, wattle and daub and Mike Oehler turn him on.
* Can cook. Before Food Network made it trendy to deglaze.

...and lastly...

* Some people consider him a geek, while he considers himself merely interested in many things.