The new LJ

Wow. Rather than going quietly into the night, LJ has really stepped up. I'm over on Google+ these days, but I must say that this is impressive.

Two Notices of Relative Importance

Two short notes, one personal, one public.

I want to go back to your observation regarding the sexuality of bonobo monkeys versus oceans and their impact on the planet's futureFirst, to Sarah: Well, it's hit that time. The trigger has been announced, and we're going to have to get a BluRay player. Not a big deal — we can upgrade magenta (ed - our media player) for about $100 with a new drive.

Second, to most people who follow this: They will be filming a live shadowcast for the BluRay release of RHPS. They are looking for players (and will presumably also need an audience at some point) for a "You Are There" feature on the disc. Visit for more details, although they haven't posted any info yet (I just got an email about it an hour ago). Auditions in LA, London and New York, to be filmed in LA.

That is all.

Wait... also: EEeeeeEEEEeeeeeeEEEEeeeeeEEEEeeeee!!!!

For those of you in California

AB 1121 is a tiny little bill that needs some support. It is very very boring, but it increases democracy and is one of the few ways to defeat partisanship and increase representation. From somebody's else's blog, where he posted the letter he wrote:

1. Go to the CA Assembly website.
2. Look up your Assembly member ("Find my district").
3. Go to their website and find their contact information.
4. Tell them to please support AB 1121 which would allow a limited number of non-charter cities use Choice Voting (Ranked Voting) when approved by the Secretary of State.

And afters...

A chunk of people are heading up to San Francisco to do Rocky Horror after Old Spaghetti Factory. It will be at The Clay Theater. I figured a heads up on the plan would be important, as if you might be interested, bringing a change of clothes may be useful. Many thanks to Neal who suggested it.

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ETD: 2 and a half hours, arrival at SFO 11:13a. This weekend we attend a wedding in San Francisco, do family stuff most of the week, and next weekend we head up to Davis/Sacramento. We will be somewhere there Friday evening, followed by all day Saturday in Davis and dinner in Sacramento. Care to guess where Sarah wants to go? I'll give you a hint: it is Old, and involves a Spaghetti Factory. We'll call around to firm up plans, and post here if you can. Then off to Rocky in... well, Neal told me which one is playing that weekend, but I've forgotten. Somewhere in the Bay area.

We've been horribly busy all week; Sarah pulled two all nighters to get a paper ready she's publishing, and I'm dealing with the relocation of our main offices. Two and a half hours... two and a half hours and we are headed west.

Hope to see you soon.